Jasa Apostille Dokumen Di Kementerian dan Kedutaan Terpercaya di Indonesia

Jasa Apostille Dokumen Di Kementerian dan Kedutaan Terpercaya di Indonesia Apostille Dokumen atau legalisasi Dokumen  Di Kemenkumham dan Ke...

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Document Apostille - Ministry of Law and Human Rights Jakarta

Document Apostille - Ministry of Law and Human Rights Jakarta


Document Apostille

Document Apostille - Ministry of Law and Human Rights Jakarta

Definition of Apostille Kemenkumham document

The Apostille document of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights is the provision of services to the public who will validate official signatures, ratify stamps, or official seals in a public document through matching with specimens through one agency. Ministry of Law and Human Rights as the competent authority 

Ministry of Law and Human Rights document Apostille Regulations

  1. Presidential Regulation Number 2 of 2021 concerning Ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of Legalization Requirements for Foreign Public Documents
  2. Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number 6 of 2022 concerning Legalization Services for Apostille Documents of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Public Documents
  3. Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number M.HH-01.AH.03.01 of 2022 concerning List of Types of Apostille Legalization Service Documents in Public Documents

Ministry of Law and Human Rights document Apostille requirements

  1. ID card
  2. Documents to be apostille
  3. Power of attorney if represented

Procedure for Apostille documents of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights

  1. Submission of requests through the application
  2. Application verification rejected / returned / accepted (3 working days for verification)
  3. PNBP payments through the system
  4. Issuance of the apostille certificate at the counter at the head office or regional office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (The counter staff prints the Apostille Certificate and attaches the Apostille Certificate to the requested document)

Cost/Time Apostille Kemenkumham documents

The rate for apostille documents is IDR 150,000 per document

Application turnaround time: (2-3 working days)

The following documents usually require an Apostille Certificate from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights: 

Apostille Individual Documents: 

  • Birth certificate 
  • Marriage Certificate / Marriage Certificate 
  • Divorce Certificate 
  • Death Certificate
  • Marriage book
  • College Diploma / TETO 
  • Passport
  • SKCK (Certificate of Police Records) / Police Clearance Certificate
  • SIM (Driving License) / Driving License
  • Certificate of Not Married (SKBM)
  • And others

Apostille Company Documents: 

  • Certificate of Origin
  • Financial statements
  • Power of attorney
  • Importer identification number
  • Customs identity number
  • SIUP
  • TDP
  • BKPM Principle Permit
  • And others

Apostille Notary Documents:

  • Deed of Incorporation
  • Foundation Creation Deed
  • Amendment Deed
  • Deed of Minutes of Meeting
  • Deed of declaration
  • Grant Deed
  • Deed of Inheritance Right
  • And others

Following are our services, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Apostille Certificate Services

For those of you who are having trouble getting an Apostille Certificate at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, don't worry, we will help you. We will help with all the processes until the Apostille certificate is issued and we will send it to your address. The Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights Apostille Service Processing Time is 3 Working Days  After We Receive the Documents. Just Contact Our Staff Below:

Click the link on the phone number for a free consultation

Phone Number :  021 21012324

Contact Person :  +62 811-6603-366 

Or visit our social media:

YouTube :  CV Amanah Transporter

Instagram:  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Law and Human Rights legalization services

Twitter :  Ministry of Foreign Affairs Legalization Service and Ministry of Law and Human Rights

Pinterest :  Ministry of Foreign Affairs Legalization Services and Ministry of Law and Human Rights Legalization

Facebook:  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Law and Human Rights legalization services

Following are the office addresses in Jakarta:

Jalan Mede No. 5 Rt 01 Rw 08

Kelurahan : Utan Kayu Utara

District: Matraman

East Jakarta – DKI Jakarta 13120

Google Map:  Embassy Legalization Services - Legalization of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights - Legalization of Marriage Books of the Ministry of Religion

Legality of CV Amanah Transporter:

One of the reasons why many clients choose us is that we have permission to handle travel documents. CV Amanah Transporter Tour And Travel Has Business Identification Number (NIB): 0220102411265 With KBLI as follows:

Following are the reasons for using the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Apostille Services:

  • Need fast legalized documents with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Apostille Certificate.
  • Located in the region or abroad far from the Jakarta Kemenkumham office.
  • Lazy to bother using the Apostille Application for the Directorate General of AHU, Ministry of Law and Defense
  • There are many documents that need an Apostille Certificate and time is tight.

The following are the advantages of using the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Apostille Services:

1 . Fast Process

Document Apostile Services Through Service Bureaus Can Be Faster Than You Taking Care Of Yourself Through Online Applications.

2 . Consultation Requirements we help to completion.

We will help you prepare documents that you will postille with detailed explanations.

3 . Your documents are safe.

Sometimes to legalize documents at the Ministry, you need original documents for verification. So those of you who are far from Jakarta must send the original documents to us. And we have a reputation of having never received a complaint regarding lost documents.

4 . Payment After Obtaining

Our Apostille Certificate Document Apostille Service Bureau Will Bill Payment After Your Document Is Complete. Meanwhile, if there is something that must be paid in advance, we will confirm it during the consultation. 

We understand the problems you are facing are:

  • There is no time because of busy work to legalize documents at the Ministry or Embassy
  • The client's location is far from the capital city of Jakarta.
  • Ignorance of good and correct procedures.
  • Lack of information on requirements for legalizing documents to ministries or embassies
  • There is an original but fake letter.
  • Don't want to stand in line, go back and forth to agencies and get stuck in traffic jams in the capital city.
  • Inmaterial losses and time that cannot be bought due to Original But Fake letters.
  • Gaptek and also confused about how to fill out online forms.
  • Confused and also afraid to find the address to go while in Jakarta.
  • Afraid to send original documents to agents who are not clear and also afraid of lost documents.

Trust all your problems to us because:

  • The company is official and registered with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.
  • Have the credibility of the legality of the business.
  • Have a clear office address.
  • Expert staff who will provide assistance and services regarding legalization to ministries or embassies.
  • Consultants who are ready to serve consultations at any time.
  • Can be contacted via email, WhatsApp and telephone during working hours.
  • Update order progress information.
  • Can save on hotel costs, airplane tickets and transportation for clients who are far from the capital city of Jakarta.
  • The process is fast and accurate and Guaranteed authenticity.
  • More than 100,000 clients have used us as a partner for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Legalization Services - Attestation Apostille services.
  • There are no testimonials on social media about fraud in the management of Kemenkumham Legalization Services, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Legalization Services, Attestation Apostille services from our clients.

How to Manage Legalized Documents at the Ministry or Embassy at Us:

  • Send ORIGINAL Documents for Complete Legalization to Ministries or Embassies to Our Office Via: JNE, TIKI, DHL Post Office or Gojek and Grab.
  • Documentation in the form of a video when entering documents into a folder before you send it to us. Then Send the Video To Our Whatsapp Admin. This is to ensure that no documents are lost during processing.
  • We will inform you if the package has arrived and we will process it immediately

Guarantee for document legalization to the ministry or embassy that we provide:

  • Process speed and timeliness.
  • Avoid the problem of original but fake letters (Asphalt)
  • We collect payment after the document is complete, you will avoid fraud
  • If the Legalization Sticker Proves to be Fake , We Return Your Money .

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Apostille Dokumen Kemenkumham

Apostille Dokumen Kemenkumham

Apostille Dokumen Kemenkumham

Apostille Dokumen Kemenkumham

Definisi Apostille dokumen Kemenkumham

Apostille dokumen Kemenkumham adalah pemberian layanan terhadap masyarakat yang akan melakukan pengesahan tanda tangan pejabat,pengesahan cap, atau segel resmi dalam suatu dokumen publik melalui pencocokan dengan spesimen melalui satu instansi . Kementerian Hukum dan HAM selaku competent authority atau otoritas yang berwenang 

Regulasi Apostille dokumen Kemenkumham

  1. Peraturan Presiden Nomor 2 Tahun 2021 tentang Pengesahan Konvensi Penghapusan Persyaratan Legalisasi Terhadap Dokumen Publik Asing
  2. Peraturan Menteri Hukum dan HAM Nomor 6 Tahun 2022 tentang Layanan Legalisasi Apostille dokumen Kemenkumham Pada Dokumen Publik
  3. Keputusan Menteri Hukum dan HAM Nomor M.HH-01.AH.03.01 Tahun 2022 tentang Daftar Jenis Dokumen Layanan Legalisasi Apostille Pada Dokumen Publik

Persyaratan Apostille dokumen Kemenkumham

  1. KTP
  2. Dokumen yang akan di apostille
  3. Surat kuasa apabila diwakilkan

Prosedur Apostille dokumen Kemenkumham

  1. Penyampaian permohonan melalui aplikasi
  2. Verifikasi permohonan ditolak / dikembalikan / diterima (3 hari kerja untuk verifikasi)
  3. Pembayaran PNBP melalui sistem
  4. Penerbitan sertifikat apostille di loket di kantor pusat atau kantor wilayah kemenkumham (Petugas loket melakukan pencetakan Serifikat Apostille dan pelekatan Sertifikat Apostille pada Dokumen yang di mohonkan)

Biaya/ Waktu Apostille dokumen Kemenkumham

Tarif dokumen apostille Rp.150.000 perdokumen

Waktu penyelesaian permohonan : (2-3 Hari kerja)

Berikut Dokumen yang Biasanya memerlukan Sertifikat Apostille Kemenkumham : 

Apostille Dokumen Perorangan : 

  • Akte Kelahiran 
  • Akte Perkawinan / Surat Nikah 
  • Akte Perceraian 
  • Akte Kematian
  • Buku Nikah
  • Ijazah Kuliah / TETO 
  • Paspor
  • SKCK ( Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian ) / Police Clearance Certificate
  • SIM ( Surat Izin Mengemudi ) / Driving License
  • Surat Keterangan Belum Menikah (SKBM)
  • Dan lain nya

Apostille Dokumen Perusahaan: 

  • Certificate of Origin
  • Laporan Keuangan
  • Surat Kuasa
  • Angka Pengenal Importir
  • Nomor Identitas Kepabeanan
  • SIUP
  • TDP
  • Izin Prinsip BKPM
  • Dan Lain nya

Apostille Dokumen Notaris:

  • Akta Pendirian Perusahaan
  • Akte Pembuatan Yayasan
  • Akte Perubahan
  • Akta Risalah Rapat
  • Akta Pernyataan
  • Akte Hibah
  • Akta Keterangan Hak Waris
  • Dan lain nya

Berikut Layanan Kami Jasa Sertifikat Apostille Kemenkumham

Untuk kalian yang mengalami kesulitan dalam mengurus Sertifikat Apostille di Kemenkumham , Tidak usah kawatir , kami Akan Membantu Anda . Kami Akan membantu semua proses hingga sertifikat Apostille keluar dan kami akan kirimkan ke Alamat Anda . Lama Proses Jasa Apostille Kemenkumham Indonesia 3 Hari Kerja Setelah Dokumen Kami Terima . Hubungi Saja Staff Kami Di bawah Ini :

Klik Tautan Pada Nomer Telp untuk Konsultasi Gratis

No Telp : 021 21012324

Contact Person : +62 811-6603-366 

Atau Kunjungi Media Sosial Kami :

YouTube       : CV Amanah Transporter

Instagram    : Jasa Legalisir Kemenlu Dan Kemenkumham

Twitter         : Jasa Legalisir Kemenlu Dan Kemenkumham

Pinterest       : Jasa Legalisasi Kemenlu Dan Legalisir Kemenkumham

Facebook      : Jasa Legalisir Kemenlu Dan Kemenkumham

Berikut Alamat Kantor Di Jakarta :

Jalan Mede No 5 Rt 01 Rw 08

Kelurahan : Utan Kayu utara

Kecamatan : Matraman

Jakarta Timur – DKI Jakarta 13120

Google Map : Jasa Legalisir Kedutaan – Legalisasi Kemenkumham – Legalisir Buku Nikah Kemenag

Legalitas CV Amanah Transporter :

Salah Satu Alasan Kenapa Banyak Client Memilih Kami Adalah Kami Memiliki Izin Mengurus Dokumen Perjalanan . CV Amanah Transporter Tour And Travel Memiliki Nomer Induk Berusaha ( NIB ) : 0220102411265 Dengan KBLI sebagai Berikut :

Berikut Alasan Menggunakan Jasa Apostille Kemenkumham :

  • Perlu Cepat dokumen terlegalisasi dengan Sertifikat Apostille Kemenkumham .
  • Berada di Daerah atau pun di Luar Negeri jauh Dari kantor Kemenkumham Jakarta .
  • Malas repot menggunakan Aplikasi Apostille Ditjen AHU Kemenkumhan
  • Dokumen Yang perlu Sertifikat Apostille banyak dan waktu mepet .

Berikut Keuntungan Menggunakan Jasa Apostille Kemenkumham :

1 . Proses Cepat

Layanan Apostile Dokumen Lewat Biro Jasa Bisa Lebih Cepat Dari Pada Anda mengurus Sendiri Melalui Aplikasi Online .

2 . Konsultasi Persyaratan kami bantu hingga tuntas .

Kami Akan Membantu anda menyiapkan Dokumen yang akan Anda Apostille dengan penjelasan detail .

3 . Dokumen Anda Aman

Kadangkala Untuk Melegalisir Dokumen Di Kementerian memerlukan Dokumen asli untuk verifikasi . Sehingga anda yang jauh dari jakarta harus mengirimkan dokumen asli nya kepada kami . Dan kami mempunyai Reputasi belum pernah menerima komplain Terkait Kehilangan Dokumen .

4 . Pembayaran Setelah Dapat Sertifikat Apostille

kami Biro Jasa Apostille Dokumen Akan Menagih pembayaran Setelah Dokumen Anda Selesai . Adapun jika ada yang harus dibayarkan Di muka akan kami Konfirmasi Di saat Konsultasi . 

Kami mengerti permasalahan yang sedang anda hadapi adalah :

  • Tidak ada waktu karena kesibukan kerja untuk melegalisasi Dokumen Ke Kementerian Atau Kedutaan Besar
  • Lokasi client yang jauh dari ibu kota Jakarta .
  • Ketidak tahuan prosedur yang baik dan benar .
  • Kurang Informasi Syarat Legalisir Dokumen Ke Kementerian Atau Kedutaan Besar
  • Adanya surat asli tapi palsu .
  • Tidak mau antri, mondar mandir ke instansi dan terjebak kemacetan ibu kota .
  • Kerugian inmaterial dan waktu yang tidak bisa dibeli akibat surat Asli Tapi Palsu .
  • Gaptek dan Juga pusing bagaimana cara mengisi formulir online .
  • Bingung dan Juga takut mencari alamat yang dituju selama berada di jakarta .
  • Takut kirim dokumen asli ke agent yang tidak jelas dan Juga takut dokumen hilang .

Percayakan semua permasalahan anda kepada kami karena :

  • Perusahaan resmi dan terdaftar di Kementrian hukum dan HAM .
  • Memiliki kredibilitas legalitas usaha .
  • Memiliki kantor yang jelas alamatnya .
  • Staff ahli yang akan memberikan pendampingan dan pelayanan Seputar Legalisir Ke Kementerian Atau Kedutaan Besar .
  • Konsultan yang siap melayani konsultasi kapan saja .
  • Bisa dihubungi melalui email, whatsapp, dan telp di jam kerja .
  • Update informasi perkembangan order .
  • Dapat menghemat biaya hotel, tiket pesawat dan transportasi bagi client yang jauh dari ibukota jakarta.
  • Proses cepat dan akurat dan Terjamin keasliannya.
  • Lebih dari 100.000 client telah menggunakan Kami sebagai partner Jasa Legalisir Kemenlu – jasa Attestation Apostille .
  • Tidak Ada testimoni di media sosial tentang penipuan pengurusan Jasa Legalisir Kemenkumham , Jasa Legalisir Kemenlu , jasa Attestation Apostille Dari Client Kami .

Cara Pengurusan Legalisir Dokumen Di Kementerian Atau Kedutaan Besar Pada Kami :

  • Kirim Dokumen ASLI Untuk Kelengkapan Legalisir Ke Kementerian Atau Kedutaan Besar Ke Kantor Kami Melalui  : JNE, TIKI, DHL Kantor pos atau Gojek dan Grab.
  • Dokumentasikan Berupa Video Saat Memasukan Dokumen ke Dalam map Sebelum Anda Kirim Ke Kami . Kemudian Kirim Videonya Ke Whatsapp Admin kami . Hal Ini untuk memastikan Tidak Ada Dokumen Yang hilang Saat pengurusan .
  • Kami Akan Info Jika Paket Telah Sampai Dan Langsung Kami Proses

Garansi Pengurusan Legalisir Dokumen Ke Kementerian Atau Kedutaan Besar yang Kami Berikan :

  • Kecepatan dan ketepatan waktu proses .
  • Terhindar dari masalah surat asli tapi palsu (Aspal)
  • Kami Menagih Pembayaran Setelah Dokumen Selesai , Anda akan terhindar Dari Penipuan
  • Jika Stiker Legalisasi Terbukti Palsu , Kami Pulangkan Uang Anda .